How it works

Membership Fees

Yearly fees are $2100 per person (age 18 and older). Our current plan is to skip all insurance billing. Thus, there is no co-pay either. This simple approach will let us focus on your health.

We plan to do some point-of-care testing and labs in the near future (EKGs, spirometry, urinalysis, Hemoglobin A1C, Flu or Strep A test) in the office. No additional fees will be charged for these tests.

Most of the other labs will be done at local labs, and we may also partner with other healthcare companies to collect samples from your home.

Please note, however, that if we find it more practical, we may consider billing insurances including Medicare/Medicaid in the future for office or home visits and/or for labs/tests (if applicable).

For convenience, if we arrange another medical professional (e.g, podiatrist, rheumatologist) to provide care in-person or via telehealth, their fees will be separate. This is strictly to make it more convenient for our patients.

Health care delivery

Before you become a member of our membership-based primary care practice, we will sit down and have an open discussion. If we both agree, we will provide you with membership forms.

Once enrolled as a member, I plan to sit down with you and obtain a comprehensive history and physical, as well as understand your personal goals. I also would like to know other individuals that are involved in your care.

I will be available via phone, text, and email 24 hours a day. As I build this practice, I sincerely appreciate your understanding with available days for office visits. As we move forward, I hope to make office visits available in a more robust manner.

During any vacation my family and I take, I will arrange coverage with someone I trust. This may happen 2-3 times per year (usually summer months and December). During my time off, I still plan to check with the covering provider on a daily basis.

Insurance Matters

Our current plan is to operate on yearly membership fees. Membership fees for concierge practice are not covered by insurance companies or medicaid/medicare.

More importantly, it is vital to keep health insurance as it may be necessary for any hospital admission, ER visits, and to see other healthcare providers.

Hospital Coverage

I have access to see patients at Halifax Daytona Beach, Halifax Port Orange, and UF Health/Halifax Deltona.

If you are admitted to any of these three facilities, I will either be involved directly in your care or will coordinate care with our hospital providers.